1984 ~ Mont-Tàber & Guerra de Mitos

In this game you will assume the role of a powerful Mentapol, a thought policeman of the single party Ingsoc, and your goal is to increase the party’s power by controlling the inhabitants of London. Keep in mind that your fellow Mentapoles are also vying for power, and if Winston Smith reaches the Golden Country, your fate will be the terrible Room 101. The Ingsoc will reward you with Victory Points as you achieve the game’s objectives. The Mentapol with the most VP at the end of the game will be proclaimed the winner.

At each turn, you will have to make important decisions, such as deciding what propaganda to distribute, what fake news to spread, and how to manipulate the population to support the party. In addition, you will have to be on guard against your own fellow players, who will also be trying to increase their power and weaken yours.

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